What is Kosher?

Kosher is a Hebrew word which means “suitable,” and is generally used to mean something that meets the Jewish dietary laws.  
It is also defined by law in many states.  For example, Michigan defines “kosher” as follows:  means prepared or processed in accordance with orthodox Hebrew religious requirements sanctioned by a recognized orthodox rabbinical council.  MCL 750.297e.

Why is it important to be Kosher?

Those that follow Jewish law can not eat food unless it is kosher.  However, those who follow Jewish law do not make up a very significant percentage of food consumers as a whole.

So why be kosher?

Because it doesn’t start or end with the Jewish customer.  Muslim shoppers who only eat hallal tend to rely on kosher certification as evidence that food does not contain pork.  Vegetarian/vegan customers know that kosher and parve mean that something contains no meat.  Consumers in general like the idea of yet another layer of inspection.  There is also a notion that “kosher” food is cleaner and healthier.  While we all strive to eat only healthy and clean food, there is nothing in particular about kosher that supports this presumption.

How much will this cost?

There is no single answer to this question; fees depend heavily on the size and complexity of your operation.  Our fees are always reasonable and frequently substantially lower than others.

What do I have to change to become kosher?

This depends on what you manufacture.  Sometimes, you have to change very little – if the essential product is itself kosher or made up of other kosher ingredients, making the facility kosher may only require an audit of ingredients, kosherizing machinery and a commitment to maintaining certain standards.  If the essential product is not kosher, becoming kosher may not be possible.  If the essential product is kosher but certain additives are not, substitutes may be easily available.  We can make discover all of these things in our first visit to a new plant.

How do I obtain kosher ingredients from my suppliers?

If you haven’t yet asked, you will be surprised at how familiar your suppliers are with kosher.  Often, all you have to do when you obtain specs on an ingredient is ask for a copy of the kosher letter.  Kosher is very widespread in the food industry.

How often will I have to be inspected?

This depends on the product you make.  Some products, like chemicals need only be inspected once or twice a year while others, like meat, need constant supervision during all manufacturing and processing.
If I know my ingredients are kosher, why do I need to pay for supervision?

Because your knowledge will not satisfy the kosher consumer.  The consumer wants a 3rd party, otherwise unaffiliated with your company to do an inspection and give its guarantee of kosher.

How will I display my kosher status to the consumer?

By placement of our proprietary symbol, registered with the US Trademark office, on all of your labeling.  A limited license to use this symbol is part of our agreement and is included in your annual fee.

When can I start?

Today! Please contact us to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions